• Shipment is always on us!

  • We ship worldwide.

  • You can track your shipment with the DHL link you received from us. If you have any problem whatsoever, drop us a line and we will help you out.

  • We promise to deliver you within 7 working days, but we will try and to do it in 5. If you are in a hurry drop us an e-mail and we will see what we can do. (

  • Relax, all our shipments are 100% insured by us.

  • If you are based in the US you will be charged duties (approx 5,2%) upon delivery for all orders over $1500. Canada will charge duties & taxes. European countries will be subjected to VAT at check-out


  • At Idyl we have a no questions asked return policy. You are allowed to exchange or return your pieces 30 days from shipment. Just make sure that your items are returned new, unused and in the same condition as they were when purchased, complete with intact packaging.

  • Return shipment is always on us!

Diamonds & Gold

  • Yes, they are! They have the exact same visual and chemical composition as natural diamonds, they simply have a different story of origin.

  • Nope! They would need very special equipment only available in gemological laboratories to tell the difference between a mined or a man-made diamond.

  • Absolutely! Our diamonds are cultured, rather than mined, therefore less scarce and more sustainable. This means they come at a much fairer price than the natural ones.

  • Of course! Since our diamonds are created in a machine, they have a completely traceable journey from conception to the piece you proudly wear. And not one stop on its journey contains conflict.

  • The carats (weight) of gold used in jewelry is always alloyed (mixed) with a bunch of other metals to give it strength and durability. Pure 24k gold is too soft and fragile for everyday wear. We use 14k gold because it scratches less and doesn’t bent or wear out as easily as 18K gold. Moreover, 14k gold comes at a much fairer price without diminishing its aesthetic.

  • Yes, it is! Our traceable gold, also known as ‘green gold’, comes from conflict free regions, adhering to strict environmental and human rights policies.

Your jewelry

  • All our jewels are made in our ateliers in Antwerp, the diamond world capital.

  • Our jewelry is made for everyday wear but even something as strong as your Idyl piece deserves love and care. Make sure to store your jewelry in your idyl pouch when not wearing your pieces. To maintain its sparkle, lightly scrub your pieces with a toothbrush in warm water with a tiny drop of hand soap. Rinse abundantly till there is no residue left and keep away from the sink to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Never fear, we are here. Drop us a line (

Warranty & Certificate

  • Your jewelry is under warranty for any manufacturing defects (in material or workmanship) for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. This does not cover damages caused by accidents, scratches arisen from normal wear, neglect or improper use.

  • Every jewelry purchase is always accompanied by a certificate of authenticity referring to a unique number stating that your Idyl piece is genuine and made out of sustainable materials. Keep it safely stored.