Why Solid Gold Jewelry Is Trending

With an increasing awareness of sustainability in fashion, it's no wonder that more and more people are reconsidering their jewelry choices as well. Buying less, but better. Here’s why solid gold jewelry is so popular right now.

The ease of wearing

The biggest advantage of solid gold jewelry? The ability to keep it on for any occasion. Solid gold never discolors or oxidizes. In today’s world, where we rush through life, convenience is key. Not having to take off your jewelry for sleeping, showering, hand washing is what makes solid gold so appealing.


In all truth, solid gold jewelry will never run out of style. Whereas some jewelry trends may come and go, fine jewelry is here to stay. It’s elegant, sophisticated and can be passed on from generation to generation. 

Skin friendly

Those with sensitive skin and prone to allergic reactions often caused by cheap jewelry, can benefit from switching to 14k solid gold jewelry. Contrary to gold plated jewelry - which has nickel, copper or brass as base - 14k solid gold is almost unlikely to cause reactions. 

Affordable fine jewelry

At idyl, we use 14k solid gold because it scratches less and doesn’t bent out as easily as 18K gold. Besides, 14k gold comes at a much fairer price, without compromising on aesthetics. This makes it an affordable option for those willing to invest in fine jewelry,  without completely breaking the bank.