Why idyl is the perfect wedding jewelry

Whether you're ready to walk down the isle or attending a wedding as a guest. Idyl fine diamond jewelry is just the right pick for a special occasion like this and here's why. 

Bride wearing the idyl Diamond Studs and Apollo earring chain

1. For any guest

Idyl modular diamond jewelry combines the best of both worlds. We offer a lot of designs that are both delicate and minimal enough for guests - as you don't want to be the show stopper of this event.

Yet, at the same time diamond jewelry is special enough for the bride herself due to its shiny, mesmerizing glow. Especially brides who love a more minimal and sophisticated look, will feel their best wearing an idyl piece on their big day. 

2. Everlasting

Just like the love being celebrated during weddings, our jewelry is everlasting. Due to its 14k solid gold material, you don't have to worry about having to buy jewelry you won't be able to wear afterwards. Which is somehow related to the next point.

3. Modularity

The modular character of our jewelry allows you to create completely different styles with the same base studs or necklace chain. Got tired of that jewelry look you wore for the wedding? You can easily switch up your look by experimenting with all the other different add-on options. 


No better way to symbolize everlasting love with some diamonds, right? Shop your special occasion jewelry at idyl.com