How to wear the 2-in-1 jewelry piece on everyone's wishlist

Meet Eden, our newest modular 2-in-1 jewelry design. To be worn as earring and necklace, for sparkle from ear to neck. Welcome to the world of modular jewelry where switching it up has never been this effortless. 

Necklace and earring in 1 

The Eden add-on is a drop earring that can be attached to both a diamond stud and solid gold chain. This allows you to go from earring to necklace, or the other way around. 

It follows up on the success of the previously launched Billy and Coco, also 2-in-1 pendants. Fine jewelry enthusiasts love the aspect of buying less, yet being able to change looks more.

How to style it

Needless to say, the Eden looks sophisticated and sparkly enough on its own. Still, here are some stacking ideas for the jewelry maximalists among you. 

The Eden as an earring, stacked with the Lucia earring.


The Eden as a necklace, with the Lena necklace stacked on top.

The Eden as earring, stacked with the Liv ear climber.

The Eden as necklace, with the Cleo necklace stacked on top.