3 Ways to Style the Ada Necklace

No better way to upgrade an outfit with a classic diamond pendant. Today's style focus: the Ada. Whether it’s for your day to day work outfit or a night out, she adds just the right amount of sparkle to any look. Here's 3 ways how to style the Ada necklace. 

Playing with shapes

Try experimenting with different shapes. Here, the round diamond Ada is paired with our emerald cut diamond pendant Grace. Unexpectedly unique and instantly ready for any special event.


A touch of luck

Add the little evil eye Laila pendant to the Ada for some good luck in your day to day. The eye shaped look of Laila adds a fun twist to the more classic design that is Ada.


Elongated look

Got an outfit with a bit more cleavage? Don't let any spare room go to waste and add diamond glow to your neckline with a longer pendant such as Billy. Its beautiful tear drop shape complements the rounded Ada very well.

Need more advice on how to style the Ada necklace? Book an online virtual styling session with our stylist for free.