3 Diamond Earparties With Romy

Have you met our latest earring, Romy? A true showstopper and already best selling shortly after the launch. Here's 3 ways how to stack the Romy, for the diamond connoisseurs among us. 


Emerald Touch

Romy in good company of our emerald cut diamond earring called Emma. The stack is completed with a simple Diamond Stud in Medium.

Floating diamonds

The Lucia, an add-on with floating diamonds, adds a dreamy twist to this stack. 2 of our bestselling pieces combined for true diamond magic. 

Ear Climber

There's something about combining the Romy hoop like form with our earclimber Liv that shines just as bright. The two complement each other perfectly and their different forms create a playful look you want to keep staring at. 


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