Lab-Grown Diamonds

We craft the diamonds.
You create the look.

Diamonds are forever, now they're for everyone.

A diamond always starts as a little piece of carbon dioxide, all it needs to grow is heat and pressure. Grown in laboratories, our presses mimic the natural conditions to create rough, unique man-made diamonds which are then cut and polished by hand to sparkle at their best. A simple combination that the Earth spends millions of years perfecting and men spend decades extracting. But at what cost?

Let us be very clear: Our diamonds are the real deal. They’re neither fake nor artificial. By sight and science, there’s no difference between them, only their origin. Sustainable and kind to the planet, we believe diamonds should be accessible to all and shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Same clarity, same sparkle.

Solid Gold

What better companion to diamonds than solid gold?

Conflict-free gold, is a sustainable choice for a better future.

We want our jewelry to go with you wherever you roam, whether it's a night out or a day in. We use solid 14k traceable gold in every one of our pieces, ensuring durability, shine and allure for years to come, without the hefty price tag.


We only use certified 'green gold', a traceable type of gold which comes from conflict-free regions where no one is harmed during the mining process.


Years of manufacturing experience has shown that 14K gold is more robust and can withstand everyday wear while retaining the lustre and brilliance of 24K gold.

Ethical Craftsmanship

Our ateliers

Innovation & craftsmanship
are at the core
of our ethos.

All our pieces are handmade in our Antwerp ateliers. We certify durability for years to come. Every piece of jewelry undergoes an in-house quality control to ensure the best possible brilliance. With 20 years of experience in the industry we can call ourselves experts.