Diamonds of the future.

Made to love forever.

Diamonds of the future.

Made to love forever.

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Lab-grown diamonds are the real deal

From the sustainable lab-grown diamonds we use, to our traceable solid gold, we want to be as clear as our gems. We offer the finest materials handcrafted in our Antwerp ateliers at transparent pricing.

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"Idyl’s lab-grown diamonds break industry barriers, and make high jewelry fun again."

"With A-listers like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and Kaia Gerber all wearing Idyl, idyl won't stay small for long."

"A classic pair of sparkling diamond studs is sure to become the new favorite pair of earrings."

"The designs are beautifully minimalistic, but created with ever-evolving style in mind."

"We think these studs are the best of the best. They’re the perfect carat weight for everyday wear."

"Their collection boasts of handpicked diamonds, reflecting a symphony of light and timeless elegance."

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